Thailand must be unfazed by US lecturing

your say May 26, 2014 00:00

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Whatever happens in Thailand is one thing; but there's no other country that has a thousand military bases spread all over the world. There is no other country that has 80 bases just in South Korea. There's no other country in the world that approaches th

In fact, real US military spending, if you add in all the agencies of repression, is greater than the military spending of the rest of the world combined. The idea that the United States is pursuing some kind of a democratic course in world affairs by screaming for democracy in Thailand is just a fantasy. 
The strategy is a strategy of global domination. Those military bases can’t be explained any other way. They’re not defending democracy in Saudi Arabia, which has never had an election. They are defending the interests of corporate America, the military-industrial-oil-banking complex that really rules in the US, that dominates politics and dominates US foreign policy. 
Let’s hope the coup leaders are well aware of this geopolitics, and do not give in to threats by the US for Thailand to return to the sham Western democracy that they control. 
Thomas Turk