Thailand is like a well we share and must take care of

your say August 04, 2014 01:00

Some people compare Thailand to a restaurant where people come to take pleasure in the food and leave. Others liken it to a kind of food that only the rich and powerful can enjoy the best part of - while throwing the crumbs to others who are poorer.

My only wish is for the National Council for Peace and Order to equate Thailand to a water well that provides everyone with healthy living. 
This well must be kept for every Thai to use equally, and also kept in good condition at all times.
An elected government is like someone the people have chosen to see that the well is used equitably – as well as to keep it in mint condition for future generations to use.
Laws must be written in a way that the government must take responsibility for its wrongful actions on par with its right to use its powers. Inequality of treatment is an absolute no-no.
Leaders who spurn and flee their responsibilities must be condemned and punished severely – not praised.
Vint Chavala