Thai "parents" need help with wayward "kids"

your say April 09, 2014 00:00

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Re: " Expats have no right to 'spank' the Shinawatras", Letters, April 8.

But if your naughty kid runs away to other countries (including my own) without permission, becoming even naughtier along the way by “skypeing” and “hyping”, and you do nothing to make him come home for his well-deserved spanking, then you are clearly an incompetent parent and require the help of your caring and sharing global neighbours who are more than well-equipped and willing to offer the necessary verbal lashings.
Alternative counselling is offered by the “touchy-feely” Robert Amsterdam, who has presumably nurtured similarly unruly offspring. Such is the way of this topsy-turvy planet. 
John Shepherd