Thai jihadists and their fatwa on America

your say July 12, 2014 00:00

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Re: "When will America learn?", Letters, July 10.

How hypocritical of Songdej Praditsmonont to lecture me about respecting other country’s values when he has no respect for American values.
I’ll say this one last time, America is required by law to not support any country which comes to power as a result of a military coup. To tell President Obama to break the law of his own country shows a total lack of respect for American values. It is also an American value that human rights is an international issue and thus America has a right to attach strings to aid it gives to other countries.
Still I might have been unfair to call all these critics “America bashers”. But over the last few weeks I’ve read newspaper letters claiming that Obama never held a job before becoming president (among other things, Obama has been a Harvard law professor, a state senator and a US senator), that America wants a civil war in Thailand and that the American government should be overthrown. So if I regard these people as being certifiable idots and fanatic America- bashers they have no one to blame but themselves.
Eric Bahrt