Thai democracy was rootless from beginning

your say January 22, 2014 00:00

In 1932, with the inception of the constitutional monarchy and the granting of the right to vote, there was no effective constitution established to control the behaviour of a government once in power.

History supports this claim. In 82 years Thailand has never enjoyed political stability. The right to vote alone has rendered the country vulnerable to exploitation. Only now are people who understand the cause of chaos that has reigned for eight decades rectifying this gross mistake.
When a branch is severed from a tree it is no longer part of the tree. It decays and rots. When the right to vote is isolated from democracy, of which it is an integral part, it is no longer part of democracy and allows uncontrolled governance, decadence and decay. This is what Thailand has experienced since 1932. Nothing has been done to rectify this fundamental problem until now.
Isolating the right to vote destroys democracy. The principles of democracy cannot be cherry-picked in the interests of simplistic popular appeal or self-serving plutocrats. Democracy must be established completely to have any value and retain its integrity. The purpose of the current protests is to achieve just this, but the people face a tough, uphill struggle due to the forces entrenched in the system permitted by the error of 82 years ago. There have been and still are many fingers in the cookie jar and they want to keep the jar open.
The current struggle is to change Thailand from a plutocracy to a true democracy, but it is of some irony that universal support is not forthcoming from the people who have been exploited. They seem to accept the corrupt status quo because it’s what they know.
A very grave error, either through naivety or by design, was made back in 1932.
JC Wilcox