Teach children the truth

your say May 15, 2014 00:00

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Thaksin Shinawatra is not the cause of Thailand's current ills. The confusing muddle is the symptom of a more fundamental cause.

That Yingluck was the subject of a “Buddhist” ritual at a temple in Chiang Mai to end her “bad luck” illustrates another symptom, as did her claim to be defending democracy. 
The ritual relegates Buddhism to the status of a superstitious cult, as does the existence of the Thammagai monks. Yingluck Shinawatra is not the victim of bad luck but her political incompetence and total lack of understanding of democracy.
It is this lack of understanding and abuse of both Buddhism and democracy that have taken the country to its present parlous state, where it has not even the legal right to representation at an Asean meeting.
The huge potential of Thailand has been suppressed for decades through lack of a comprehensive education system. Had all Thais, rich and poor alike, been taught the real principles passed down to us by Lord Buddha, plus the workings of the system of government known as democracy, we would have an enlightened nation. Thais would know political stability and how to live in peace regardless of the colour of their shirts.
There is no quick fix for the current situation. No compromise can be achieved between indoctrinated misunderstanding and the truth. Only the truth, understood through an objective, reasoning education system for all, will turn Thailand into the Buddhist democracy it should be, one admired around the globe. The potential is there – it just needs the will.
JC Wilcox