Taxed expats have the right

your say April 09, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Expats have no right to 'spank' the Shinawatras", Letters, April 8.

Dear Khun Somsak,
As a farang, I have chosen to remain neutral in the decades-long political turmoil in your country. I find myself cringing at the antics of JC Wilcox and his pals in this Letters column. Their discussions would be much better held at any local tavern.
The only consideration I ask of you before you call us farang childish is to understand that when Thais emigrate to our countries, they are welcomed as equals and their becoming citizens means they have an equal right to their personal views and are encouraged to participate in the public dialogue. 
An insulting common practice here is to treat foreigners with a double standard, whereby it is perfectly acceptable to charge us double the price Thai nationals pay – the so-called “farang tax”. This practice is illegal in our countries. I would say that gives us a “right” to speak our mind as long as it is done respectfully and without name-calling. 
Clutch Clark