Talk now or regret forever

your say February 14, 2014 00:00

Re: "Negotiated solution the best way out of debilitating political impasse", News, February 13.

Your reporters have done an admirable job. After being sickened by the glut of wise guys’ recommendations, I am hopeful after seeing two names in this report – Wissanu Krua-ngam and Niphon Promphan – that an end is in sight to this sad chapter in our history.
Wissanu has been legal counsel to many governments, including Thaksin’s, and wrote a book on the quaintness of Cabinet practices. He left Thaksin’s side over a matter of principle. He is a law professor and, in his spare time, a TV anchorman and food writer. Niphon is a Democrat and brother-in-law of Suthep and was nearly killed by the red shirts during the fiery days of Abhisit’s government. He is a renowned political mover and shaker.
Both Yingluck and Suthep would be fools not to secure the services of these two men. Yingluck’s errors have been accumulating ever since her speech in Mongolia, and by Western standards she should have resigned ages ago. While Suthep was heroic in killing the amnesty bill, his proposals for People’s Council and a non-elected prime minister are laughable – though his demand for reform is spot-on, especially when it comes to eradicating cronyism in politics. 
Yingluck and her family still have a chance to regain respectability. Drawing on his 70-year experience as a member of a family in politics, Pramarn Adireksan warned Yingluck that a leader usually comes to a sad end when he or she takes comfort from good news delivered by sycophants while ignoring bad news from neutral parties. Meanwhile Suthep still has a chance to climb down from the tiger he has been riding since October 31. This is an opportunity both parties cannot afford to miss.
Songdej Praditsmanont