Suthep's threat against children subtle but real

your say January 21, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Where is the outrage over grenade attack on anti-government rally?", Letters, January 20.

I’m amazed that Vint Chavala, a regular reader of the Thai English-language press, doesn’t know Suthep said that the families of government officials had better get out of Bangkok (Google: “Suthep send their families away”). I regard that as a subtle – I used the word “subtle” – threat against children.
In the past I’ve written many letters condemning violence by both sides. But I also feel that, if you want to be a big, brave revolutionary who attempts to shut down a major city and overthrow the government, then don’t be a cry-baby when you get hurt. Or maybe the protesters think there is nothing more to revolution than marching in the sunshine, blowing whistles and behaving like a bunch of obnoxious, spoiled brats. 
Eric Bahrt

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