Suthep steering Thailand away from failure

your say January 04, 2014 00:00

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Re: "On the way to a failed state?", Letters, January 3.

George Redelinghuys completely ignores the crimes of this Thaksin government and the justifiable grievances of the protesters. Mr Redelinghuys tack is to repeat his mantra that the Thaksin regime was “democratically elected”, end of argument. As unenlightening and obtuse as this manta is, it does serve to highlight the main reason a civil war might be looming in Thailand. 
The caretaker government’s mentality is that it wants all Thais to be quiet while it mismanages the economy, undermines the independence of the media, continues to drop Thailand deeper into corruption, makes the police force its personal militia, deploys its red shirts to silence its critics, takes its orders from a cowardly fugitive, ignores the Constitution Court, and so on. 
Winning an election should not mean a blank cheque for any government to do whatever it desires. But this truism has yet to be fully learned by the Pheu Thai Party.
No one really knows where Suthep and his fellow protesters will end up taking Thailand, but it is has to be a better place than where the Thaksin  government has been steering the Thai nation over the past two years.
CM Phillips