Suthep is no knight in shining armour

your say January 05, 2014 00:00

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Dear Sir, There appears to be something hypocritical about Mr Suthep's crusade against corruption, since he himself as an ex-politician must have greatly benefited in the past from the system, judging from newspaper reports concerning his accumulated wea

Many politicians worldwide benefit from their positions and contacts in government and administration, and in the process enrich themselves. The problem in Thailand seems to be that the yellow-shirt opposition has probably benefited less since political power has shifted to a party representing the rural poor of the Northeast, and for this reason they are furious. 
Mr Suthep probably does not care if in the process of his crusade he wrecks the economy, and many small firms go under because he has made his money. No, Suthep is certainly no knight in shining armour leading a moral crusade for a perfect society, but the stooge of the Bangkok aristocrats, the wealthy upper-and middle classes, and they with the protest movement represent an unholy alliance against the forces of social change, and for social justice for the majority of citizens.
Your’s sincerely,
Dr George Redelinghuys