Suthep is better than Thaksin, and outsiders should butt out

your say January 12, 2014 00:00

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I have two questions for people who condemn the ongoing anti-government protests as being anti-democratic - or even favouring dictatorship:

Why are the protesters following the leadership of Suthep Thaugsuban – despite his alleged unsavoury past? And why does this protest involve millions of people from around the country, instead of just a few thousand?
Allow me to venture my points of view:
First, despite Suthep’s past political life, protesters still believe Thaksin Shinawatra is much worse than him. Suthep himself has vowed to quit politics after this protest is over. 
Thaksin has vowed to quit politics many times, but reneged on his word.
Second, it is dangerous for Thailand to invite foreign countries into its internal affairs. No two democracies are alike, and one country’s democracy cannot be used as a prototype for another.
Only Thais can solve their own problems. Outsiders should keep their hands off.
Vint Chavala