Strike while the reform iron is hot

your say February 01, 2014 00:00

I fully back the 74-organisation Reform Now Network, which calls for reforms to start now, without having to wait until a clear winner emerges in the fight between Thaksin and the anti-government protesters.

This alliance is highly credible, since it includes the Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand, Thailand Development Research Institute, Truth for Reconciliation Commission and other politically neutral groups.
What matters is that there is genuine reform, not who is or is not prime minister, and it will take many months before we have a fully functioning government. The alliance will organise public hearings on politics, decentralisation, and anti-graft measures within a month, and civil society, including Suthep’s followers, should come up with carefully thought-through stands and constructive proposals to present. 
Strike while the iron is hot, which is now!
Burin Kantabutra