Somkiat could lead more key folk to join PDRC and tip scales against govt

your say January 26, 2014 00:00

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After listening to Dr Somkiat Onwimon speaking at the Asoke protest site, exposing from his personal experiences Thaksin's dirty tactics in consolidating his telecommunications empire and many of the unethical means he used in paving the way for his polit

Dr Somkiat – who used to staunchly criticise some of the extraordinary measures the pro-reform protesters used such as the demand on public TV stations to broadcast PDRC’s announcements while boycotting those by the government – had a change of heart citing, according to his words, his realisation that what the pro-reformers are doing isn’t for any vested interest, but for the benefit of the society as a whole.
His action to side with the protesters even after the emergency decree was invoked might persuade many people who still have ambivalence about what the protesters are demanding to reconsider their position.
As commented earlier, I believe it would be very difficult for the “Bangkok Shutdown” alone to put enough pressure on the caretaker government to resign. But if enough public pressure can be built up to such a point that it can tip the scale, the government might not have any choice left but to capitulate.
If the action of Dr Somkiat, a respectable public figure, could encourage a large number of people who have remained on the sidelines so far to join the protest and demand reform before election, that might be the tipping point the pro-reform movement has been waiting for.
Anan Pakvasa