Social media scores again

opinion July 07, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Discovering a voiceover talent is inspiring, but nong Jane's story has just begun

In the long distant past, people who did voiceovers for foreign movies were called “artists in the dark shadow”, as their presence behind the microphones was not supposed to be seen by the audience. Thanks to social media, a voiceover talent has been discovered and become a big hit.

Prapassara Wichaisorn, or “Nong Jane”, is in a glaring spotlight now, and, if you have watched the clips showcasing her natural gifts, and deservedly so.

Social media has benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to unearthing talent, unconventional media appears to have succeeded more than it has failed.

Social media can be blamed for a contagion of “hate speeches” or false gossip or fabricated reports, but most people know extraordinary performances when they see

one. They decided that Susan Boyle was special and they were

right. They loved Gangnam Style for good reason. And now they have alerted the entertainment world and general public to 18-year-old Nong Jane.

She didn’t even know she had it in her. The much-shared video clips that have resulted in unexpected fame were largely influenced by close friends. Now interview requests are flooding in, along with job offers and compliments from professionals.

Something she has always done out of love but largely for fun has caught the eye of the public and people who matter.

All of a sudden her life is in the fast lane, and everybody is wishing her the best of luck.

Nong Jane is a phenomenon, but so was the way her talent was discovered. It used to be the conventional media that told the public which artists to keep their eyes on, but social media has taken over the job effectively, or at least did so in the case of Nong Jane.

It’s refreshing to see a talent go from a few shared clips to being interviewed by traditional news shows watched by millions. She may not be the first social media star, but we hope the manner in which she shot to fame will serve to inspire other young people.

At first glance her interviews were not that much different from how other teenagers talk. She said she loved to watch cartoons and Korean films and was having fun imitating popular voiceovers. She used social media for fun and satisfaction and not for money.

On closer inspection, her story is all about enjoying things we love and what that can lead to.

However, she will have to keep her feet on the ground. Users of social media are fickle, very

intense in their scrutiny and can be merciless when they don’t like what they see.

For the moment, her case is a feel-good story doing the rounds on social media, but Nong Jane should keep in mind that when social media users are concerned, what looks like paradise today can turn into anything by tomorrow.

A girl’s dream has been realised, and she must be on cloud nine at present. Without the social media, Nong Jane would have still been doing voiceovers for a small group of family members and friends.

She has come out of the shadow now, so to speak, but it will take a lot more to enjoy a long-lasting bright spotlight.