"Sleeping policemen" could arrest rising road deaths

your say May 30, 2014 00:00

I live near a four-way intersection on the main north-south highway in Prachaup Khiri Khan. The intersection is quite visible, what with its pedestrian overpass, a few stores, school and Catholic church, and a permanently flashing yellow "caution" light.

But in spite of its visibility and despite the warnings, there are three or four major accidents there per year. By major, I mean causing serious injuries and deaths.
One could just shrug one’s shoulders and say, “This is Thailand.” However, it seems unreasonable to take an “it doesn’t matter” attitude towards such incidents, especially when they are relatively easily prevented.
A solution? One that costs very little money, with no police presence or electronic equipment (that can break down) necessary?
Just put a speed bump, say, 20 or so metres from the intersection, along with a sign to give drivers adequate warning of its presence. Anyone who does not slow down will receive a shock and perhaps damage to their vehicle. In which case, “Gam sanong” (instant karma), or “Som nam nah” (serves them right).
If we put these “sleeping policemen” at every intersection where accidents are a frequent occurrence, perhaps the death toll on Thai roads would be significantly reduced.
Matthew Burgess
Prachuap Khiri Khan