Slamming the cookie jar shut

your say June 26, 2014 00:00

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The infantile ignorance of democracy is really quite disturbing. Together with "awesome" and "stunning", democracy is possibly one of the most hackneyed words in the English language.

Jurapong Ruangsuwan, the latest cowardly fugitive, clearly has no understanding whatever of what constitutes democracy. To accuse the junta of violating the rule of law and abusing democratic principles is hypocrisy of the most hideous kind. His government’s response to the rule of law was an arsenal of M79 grenade launchers. His government’s idea of democracy was a licence to have their hands in the public cookie jar, fleecing the country wholesale. In short, the regime he worked for violated almost every law and principle of democratic governance.
The Thaksin regime was like a malignant cancer that had metastasised socially and economically across the land. This is now being removed surgically, carefully avoiding damaging the patient. Eradicating such a parasitic affliction will take time and rehabilitation will be a lengthy process.
Jurapong would benefit from a few months in prison, with pen and paper on which to write out the principles of democracy 500 times each day. There are many others who would benefit from such a penalty, and not only in Thailand.
Democracy as a form of government cannot be established until all that is non-democratic is eradicated and a “clean slate” achieved. Such a form of government would deny the Thaksin regime its means to practise kleptocracy. The cookie jar is slamming shut and that is their great fear.
JC Wilcox