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Situation normal is extreme

In 2013, fickle Mother Nature reminded alien Earthlings of her tempestuous side. An estimated 32.4 million people were forced from their homes due to natural disasters.

Many of the 106 million people affected by severe prolonged weather extremes were internally displaced hit by violent storms, flash floods and tidal surge killing thousands and inflicting billions of dollars in property and infrastructure damage. From hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and earthquakes to droughts, heat waves and wildfires events were both widespread and severe unnatural snafus.

Major earthquakes struck in Italy, the Philippines, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Severe drought accompanied by poverty ran rampant in Senegal, Chad, Gambia, Niger, Mali and Mauritania. Hurricane Sandy devastated the US, Haiti and the Caribbean Islands, while Hurricane Ernesto wreaked havoc in Mexico. Typhoon Bopha/Pablo in the Philippines listed the most fatalities. Recent computer modelling and satellite observations suggest the area burned by wildfires in the US will likely double by 2050,

The impact of recurring disasters can have a devastating impact on a community's preparedness, response mechanisms and resilience, raising important questions for global policymakers regarding wildlife struggles, refugee assistance, humanitarian action and climate change. Urgent priorities emphasise the wants and needs of homeless displaced children by examining the challenges and limitations of protecting vulnerable populations from the ravages of natural disasters, imposed conflict and unnecessary wars.

Natural disasters are becoming more severe, more frequent, more costly and affecting more people. The upward trend is expected to continue as a result of the rising concentration of the poor and needy living in areas more exposed to unexpected freak disasters and climate change. We're all in this massive mismanaged mess together, with greedy over-users the major culprits. Unfortunately most of the self-satisfied stealthy, healthy and wealthy are suffering from the plague of apathetic indifference. The bottom line is doing something - anything - is better than doing nothing. Please get involved for the sake of future generations leaving a legacy of hope, positive energy, determination and caring/sharing collective efforts behind.

Pax vobiscum - go in peace!

No Holds Bard Charles Frederickson

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