Shutdown campaign won't be a peaceful fight

your say January 12, 2014 00:00

Re: "Shutdown is illegal, govt warns", Politics, January 5.

I think the Bangkok Shut-down is not a peaceful way to express political views since it is a campaign of protest that provokes conditions leading to violence.
People in Bangkok will suffer inconvenience if their lights and water are gone. Think of people with medical emergency situations – they could get stuck with in the mob or suffer electricity problems.
Without light, the chance of people committing crime would increase, causing problems for innocent citizens.
The campaign may also lead to two mobs facing each other – the anti-government and red-shirt mobs might fight against each other. And that could lead to crime that would clutter up this country with violence.
I fear this may be a destructive protest campaign that will take the peace away from Bangkok, not the Thaksin regime.
Suriya Suryajak 
Chiang Mai University