Sharia law comes to Southeast Asia

your say May 10, 2014 00:00

Re: "Sharia penal code in Brunei", Asean & AEC, May 1.

We know that Sharia law (motto: “Enlightened jurisprudence from the seventh century”) prescribes such humane punishments as stoning, flogging, crucifixion, cutting off hands and cross-limb amputations. (For readers who are unfamiliar with this charming practice, it means cutting off the right hand and left foot or the left hand and right foot.)
The brief news item referenced above notes that, under the system of Sharia law now being introduced in Brunei, one of the “general offences determined by the state” includes “not performing Friday prayers”.
I wonder what punishment Sharia law prescribes if you fail to perform Friday prayers. Do they cut off your mouth?
Samut Prakan