Sham defenders of democracy

your say April 05, 2014 00:00

Re: "Sovereignty held by His Majesty, Letters, April 4.

JC Wilcox, that stalwart defender of his own concept of democracy, seems to defy logic when he expresses dismay at the Army chief’s statement that he could not remove his boss, the prime minister and minister of defence, from office, on the basis that this comment is at odds with the need for the Army to remain apolitical.
For years, General Prayuth has been making frequent, and sometimes controversial, public statements on political issues, without apparently incurring the wrath of Mr Wilcox. However, when the General assures us that, in accordance with what most of us would regard as one of the fundamental principles of democracy, the Army would not intervene to illegally remove the country’s legitimate and democratically elected government (albeit now in caretaker mode), our self-appointed champion of democracy is outraged!
It is to be hoped that Mr Wilcox will soon depart from the alternative dimension he seems to inhabit, and rejoin the rest of us here in the real world.
Robin Grant