Setting the record straight on Bahrt reports

your say May 22, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Shot down for being independent", Letters, May 20.

I greatly resent Songdej Praditsmanont’s attacks against my integrity. If readers google “Eric Bahrt, Honolulu Star-Bulletin” they will see that I had both letters and guest columns published in that newspaper. In fact, I have been getting articles published in America since my high-school days, when I covered our school baseball team for the local newspaper. 
Still, since it’s been years since I’ve lived in America, many if not most of my letters and articles might be difficult to find online.
Finally, without knowing which newspapers I wrote for, how could Mr Songdej possibly know that my letters and articles can’t be googled? You have to google the name of the newspaper to find out, which is exactly what I’m urging the readers to do.
Eric Bahrt

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