'Russian' version of MH17 downing stretches belief

your say August 04, 2014 01:00

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Re: "Don't parrot the US version on Flight MH17", Letters, August 1.

Thomas Turk’s strong reliance on the Russian version of having sighted a Ukrainian fighter plane near MH17 really beat me when the world took that with a pinch of salt. The crash site did not appear to support MH17 being shot down by that Ukrainian fighter plane. MH17 was smashed to pieces, suggesting the weapon was an anti-aircraft missile.
Another claim of people on the ground that they saw a fighter plane shoot at MH17 as reflected in a BBC video is stretching the imagination too far because the video was likely made with imagination, otherwise the BBC would not have deleted it. 
The black boxes are a cockpit voice recorder and a flight recorder. They help investigators find out what happened just before a crash. In this case, the pilot could not have time to call mayday.
Three parties are under suspicion – Russia, the pro-Western Ukraine government and Russian-supported separatists. 
As a believer in human decency and having my own brain, I have never thought of any party being evil enough to shoot a passenger plane knowingly. 
Unlike America, in my letter, I did not subscribe to the direct involvement of Russia but suspected the separatists for mistaking the plane’s identify. I had to write out of disgust at the Russian embassy for blaming the MH17’s now dead pilots, who cannot defend themselves.
Songdej Praditsmanont