'Respect my vote' moves to Egypt

your say June 28, 2014 00:00

Re: "Mask of democracy slips in Egypt", Editorial, June 26.

It was surprising to read in the editorial that “The Brotherhood was the dominant party in a democratically elected government that was overthrown by the military last summer.” 
This sentence is self-contradictory. “Democratically elected” means elected within a country with a democratic form of government. In a democratically governed country, a military coup is simply not possible. The fact is that Egypt is not and never has been a democratically governed country.
It is a fact that an election was held and the Muslim Brotherhood received the majority of the votes. However, the Brotherhood’s policy is strict Islam controlled by Sharia law. That is totalitarianism and anti-democratic – the very reason they have been banned.
As in Thailand, the vote did not produce democracy, and it never will. Democracy is a form of government controlled by laws. The right to vote is awarded as a principle of a democratic form of government. The vote in itself does not constitute democracy. 
JC Wilcox