Renovate a temple or educate thousands

your say May 13, 2014 00:00

Re: "Wat Rong Khun needs Bt150m for repairs", National, May 11.

I can think of a lot better ways to spend Bt150 million. Just one example: I know hilltribe families living just a few kilometres from the White Temple who aren’t sending their children to school because they cannot afford the uniform. 
A man who makes Bt175 a day cannot afford to spend Bt2,000 per child for the uniform, shoes, books and backpack required. 
What will the White Temple do with Bt150 million? It will shore up its displays of Hollywood superheroes. Is that a better cause than enabling kids to go to school? Bt150 million would enable 75,000 impoverished hilltribe kids to get an education, rather than sitting outside their thatch-and-bamboo shacks playing in the mud.
On second thought, perhaps that’s what Thai powerbrokers want. They want to keep the provincial masses ignorant, thus making it easier to manipulate them with ridiculous election-campaign promises. 
Nek Nestrebla
Chiang Rai