Reformed addict Suthep right man for job

your say February 04, 2014 00:00

Reformed alcoholics, drug addicts and even sex offenders often become the most effective counsellors of those still seeking to break their habit.

To my knowledge, Suthep Thaugsuban has never denied a roguish past. Therefore, in the role of a reformed scoundrel he may be the extreme initiator of awareness required here to wake people up to Thailand’s depraved and unsustainable political and economic infrastructure.
This is a unique opportunity to benefit rich and poor, north, south, east and west – to begin a process of filtration, of ridding the nation of toxi-democracy and elective dictatorship once and for all. 
The status quo can no longer suffice. Thailand is teetering on the brink. Major and far-reaching reforms are crucial and the annihilation of institutionalised corruption is key.
The colour of your shirt is irrelevant. Seize the moment - peacefully, responsibly, selflessly and magnanimously. Break the habit!
John Shepherd