Reform should have occurred in 2006

your say July 07, 2014 00:00

Ref: "Saying it's all Thaksin's fault is not the full story", Letter, yesterday.

The real problem with Thai politics is there are few “political” issues internally in the country.

Development projects and infrastructure improvement dominate the scene because these are the earners for the party in power.

The mould of Thai politics was broken by Thaksin Shinawatra, who exploited the fact that the vast majority of people are poor and almost completely ignored by the system. Making their lives better was a good and kind action, had the change been made on a basis of socialist principles.

Alas, there is no evidence

that this was the case. Gaining their votes for his personal advantage was the act of a


The acceptance of the situation by MPs who clambered aboard the TRT bandwagon in 2004 was the turning point. Those people are as much to blame as Thaksin. Unease over the Shin Corp share sale rocked the boat in 2006. It should have brought Thaksin to his knees. This was another occasion where others failed.

What is happening now is what should have happened in 2006. This time the Army and the institutions need to get it right