Red-shirt apologists distorting facts

your say May 19, 2014 00:00

Much of the mythology put out by red-shirt apologists is promoted by false images.

“Military coup” conjures up streets full of tanks with a cowed population. The “massacre” caused by the Army “raining down fire” on the red shirts and the associated “90” deaths are all used to promote their point. Wikipedia lists nothing for 2010. “All deaths were caused by the military because military artillery was used”. Recent events belie that. 
Somsak Pola would have it that the amnesty bill was not all about Thaksin. That is true. It was primarily aimed at wiping several years of crime and corruption off the books by scrapping the NACC and its records, hiding Thaksin’s contribution under the covers. 
Secondly, it was to let off Thaksin’s hired hands that allegedly sponsored terrorism. 
Thirdly, it professed to care a damn about the people that died. If it had, they could have passed the “people’s bill”, which was generally acceptable and directly related to them. As a sop it offered protection to the Abhisit government, which refuted the need for it. Tell it like it is.