Reassured by quality of detainees' accommodation

your say May 30, 2014 00:00

I want to commend the junta for giving us a look at the living quarters of one of the detainees on TV yesterday.

From what I can see, they were more than adequate: simple but not spartan, comfortable but not luxurious: private rooms with a bed, TV, fan, sink, toilet (thankfully a sit-down toilet – not one of those horrible squatters), and even air-con. My husband says they looked a lot better than what he had during basic training in the US Army, which was a barracks with wall-to-wall bunk beds. If we weren’t already nicely situated in Bangkok, we’d both submit our applications for permanent detention immediately. My maid, Ms May, is from Isaan, and she says if everybody in Isaan had such nice accommodation, the red-shirt movement would collapse tomorrow.
Incidentally, in response to my husband’s silly nattering about nicknames, May says General Prayuth’s nickname is Du, or Dou.  (The vowel sound, which we don’t have in English, sounds to me midway between a long U and a long O.)  I don’t know how she found that out, but she doesn’t know the meaning. Maybe The Nation can tell us. My husband hopes it means Big.
Constance Beasley (Mrs)