Realistic reform action plans would boost support for the PDRC

your say April 13, 2014 00:00

Re: "Sides should be thinking about 'least bad' outcomes", Letters, April 7.

I’d like to elaborate on a key point I did not make clear in my last opinion.
Given that the optimal out-come would only come from a non-zero sum strategy, it’s 
advisable for the pro-reform movement, in its bid to expand the supporter base as wide as possible, to make a convincing argument that the reform will benefit everyone who has the country’s best interests at heart. It’s not a win-lose strategy that will benefit only one side.
That is, the reform would result in an improved system that is more transparent and more resistant to corruption, has stronger watchdog organisations empowered with necessary authorities, and makes it much more difficult for politicians to make harmful campaign promises such as the rice-pledging programme.
The PDRC would gain the widest popular support if it could map out realistic reform action plans to accomplish the stated goals.
Anan Pakvasa