Ranting about rights does nobody any good

your say June 07, 2014 00:00

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Re: "The dictators among us", Letters, June 5, 2014.

Eric Bahrt should be reminded that we are not in a situation where we can exercise our democratic rights as usual. 
Currently, a Thai who criticised the coup in a certain English-language newspaper is being bombarded on the Internet by disagreeing Thais. 
The coup leaders might get wind of it soon. What will transpire as a result is anybody’s guess.
Hence, Mr Bahrt should be warned that this is not the time to say anything he fancies.
If the itch to exercise his democratic rights is unbearable, perhaps Mr Bahrt should move to a neighbouring country for the moment. 
People there might need his “valued opinions” more than we do here.
Vint Chavala