Racketeers in the child-and-women protection business

your say July 08, 2014 00:00

Re: "Trafficking 'Requires Regional Response', National, June 30.

I was surprised to see the ambassadors of Norway, Spain and Switzerland posing for photos at a public ceremony with a long-time Thaksin politician, Paveena Honsakula. After all, the country is still under martial law. 
The three ambassadors were ill-advised and they should be rebuked by the local authorities. 
The occasion was just as surprising. The three ambassadors – all women – got together with Paveena to make a public vow to combat human trafficking. The venue was a seminar in Bangkok hosted by an organisation called Anti Alliance Traffic (AAT) and held late last month. 
There are many charlatans in the child-and-women protection business. They are racketeers. Anyone who has been in Thailand for the past 15 years will know that there is evidence Paveena belongs to this category.
There are countless cases in which Paveena reportedly conspired or colluded with the traffickers instead of rescuing the victims.
An enterprising journalist should take a long hard look at Paveena and write a full expose. 
Diplomats should be more careful. Read the papers. Know who’s who. And check with people who know something about the country. One does not pose for photos with the wicked witch of the forest while searching for Hansel and Gretel.
John Straight