Rabbit card is a BTS scam

your say June 01, 2012 00:00

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Yet again, more complaints regarding the Skytrain system.


I do not expect the BTS management, in its complacency, to take any action over this letter. However, by posting complaints through the newspaper, the public will be aware of the situation.
Overcrowding on the trains? Solution: increase the frequency of the trains. But this will not happen since it costs money. Better to let the public suffer.
The arrogance and pompous attitude of the BTS security guards? Give them a uniform and a whistle and they think they’re Hitler. What do these people do? In a word, nothing. They would be far better employed planting rice.
The new Rabbit cards? Why change the system from the blue and white cards? It costs an extra Bt50 for the new card. The BTS says the fee will be refunded when one returns the card. However, as a regular user of the BTS system, when is one going to return the card? 
No, this is a scam, or at least sharp practice, by the BTS and Bangkok Bank, the instigators of the Rabbit card. One can kill the Rabbit card by demanding a refund when the next top-up is due, and by refusing use of the card. 
Alan P Horrocks