Put them on the wagon

your say March 14, 2014 00:00

Re: "PDRC deluded in thinking it has the upper hand", Politics, March 13.

An independent agency’s job is to monitor the activities of government to ensure fairness and legality. It should not be in the position of “doing anything that could benefit the government” or any other party. The Senate blocked the amnesty bill. The courts rejected the treaties and Senate-election bills. A court has now rejected the mega-projects bill. The flaws in the rice-pledging scheme have been exposed. The government doesn’t acknowledge responsibility for anything. Drunkards rarely acknowledge they are drunks no matter how many people point it out. Put them on the wagon for five years.
The best hope for the Pheu Thai Party lies in religious fervour relating to corruption (“Drastic steps offered to fight graft”, Politics, March 13). Speeding up the rate of conviction for corruption is a step in the right direction. The proposal to remove all senior government officials is not. It is important to have experienced people in the top positions. They should be given the opportunity to confess any guilt, make reparations and repair the damage. How many would turn a blind eye to corruption if it meant keeping a well-paid job, whether they were involved or not?
Richard Bowler

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