Press club invites bad people to embarrass their country

your say June 15, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Accusations of international bias reveal local prejudice", Letters, June 11.

I have some observations concerning Robin Grant’s latest comment.
First, Robin Grant stated that he is an ordinary member of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, but came out to speak in defence the club in place of its leadership. Since when has he been assigned this responsibility?
Second, I stand by my word that foreign media represent the views and interests of Western corporations and governments.
If Robin Grant wants to disprove my claims, he should do so in a straightforward manner.
Third, the FCCT has recently invited certain individuals whom Thai society regard as controversial and unsavoury. Some have criminal records, some have harmful intent for their country.
These people have been “invited” to embarrass their country at the FCCT. Many have been in trouble with the law as a result for their outrageous and unrestrained show of bad behaviour at the club.
All this has been done in the name of free speech and democracy – in the unique, law-defying style of the FCCT.
Vint Chavala