Politics will be volatile, thanks to the Democrats

your say February 24, 2014 00:00

Ref: "Election could easily swing Democrats' way", Letters, yesterday.

Vint Chavala predicted that if an election were held today the Democrats would win easily and that is possible after the rice scheme turned sour. 
But hold the champagne for now. The Democrats have set a new trend that if you are going to lose, boycott and disrupt the race. If Pheu Thai knows they are going to lose, how do you know they won’t boycott the election? How do you know the red shirts won’t block candidates from registering? How do you know they won’t raid the polling stations and harass voters? And even if the Democrats could form the government, how do you know the red shirts won’t shut down Bangkok and terrorise the prime minister’s family? 
I think Thai politics is going to be chaotic for a while, thanks to the Democrats.
Somsak Pola