'Political reform' push is a bit rich

your say January 19, 2014 00:00

A touching scene witnessed yesterday in Siam Paragon shopping mall: a group of young boys staring wistfully through the plate-glass window of an auto showroom, attracted by the magnificent sight of two Rolls Royce cars.

Clearly from the provinces, and wearing PDRC colours, these boys, like thousands of others, had presumably been transported to the big city for a subsidised cool season adventure, with free food and entertainment thrown in. No doubt they felt that a stroll round the wonders of Siam Paragon was a better use of their time than listening to some rabble-rouser ranting away on the nearby stage. Quite right too.
It occurred to me that while the boys could never hope to own such a vehicle, their self-appointed leader could probably have bought both of them without making much of a dent in his bank account – if, that is, he still has access to it.
Political reform? Eradication of corruption from politics? Don’t make me laugh. It’s the same old story.
Robin Grant