Planet politics eclipsing planet earth

your say December 11, 2014 01:00

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I found a site online that compares environmental conditions worldwide. It's called Environmental Performance Index ( and is affiliated with Yale University in the US.

Of 178 countries and principalities, Thailand rates 78th overall, right in the middle. In Southeast Asia it’s behind Malaysia and Singapore but ahead of the other nations. For air quality, Thailand rates 145, which is near the bottom, but not as low as India or China, which are in the basement. 
Thais hear a lot of hot air from all political parties (and military juntas) about things like economics and amnesties, but we seldom hear them talk about environmental issues. Politicians make little mention of habitat protection (rivers, forests, seas) because they’re completely focused on people, money, people, power politics and people (yes, I mentioned “people” thrice). We are but one species among hundreds of thousands. The legacy we leave behind for our children and grandchildren should be more than just pictures and stories of plants and animals of bygone days. Let’s leave them a living, breathing legacy of forests, clean air and healthy seas.
Ken Albertsen
Chiang Rai