Phrachun has tools at his disposal for police reforms

your say January 01, 2015 01:00

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I highly praise PM Prayut for having Admiral Phrachun Tamprathip lead a sub-panel to restructure the police force. The admiral was aide-de-camp to Privy Council President Gen Prem Tinsulanonda, and so should be of the same mind as His Majesty the King, wh

Since surveys consistently name the cops among the most corrupt public agencies, the panel and PM Prayut have their work cut out for them – but they should make up for lost time by reviewing and updating the Vasit Dejkunjon Commission’s recommendations, such as upgrading compensation for the lower ranks and reorganising station operations toward more autonomous, problem-focused, community-oriented policing, and more representative local boards.

Prayut should make cop reform less difficult by redoubling his efforts to root out the rogue cops and their politician backers, who will oppose the panel with all their mighty might.

Surely the ex-Criminal Investigation Bureau head is not the force’s only crooked mastermind. Put the other big fish in the dock now!

Prayut should also use Phrachun’s and Prem’s knowledge of how His Majesty feels about our lese majeste laws so they understand what he meant when he said, “Charges against those accused of lese-majeste should be dropped, and those held in jail for lese-majeste should be released. The use of the lese-majeste law ultimately damages the monarchy.” Thaksin, Abhisit and Yingluck consistently applied Article 112 very harshly, all the while lauding the King as the father of the nation.

Is this how a good sibling honours a father, especially on such a key topic? If not, how should we undo the damage our leaders have done to our beloved high institution?

Burin Kantabutra