Pheu Thai uses and accepts the law when it suits them

your say February 09, 2014 00:00

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It's bemusing that Pheu Thai may petition the UN if this election is annulled. One minute they cite lawfully arranged elections to legitimise their power. Then they complain when the law doesn't bend to their idea of 'democracy'.

They use the courts to uphold arrest warrants and stand by their emergency decree, then refuse to recognise a ruling by the courts disqualifying their fraudulent amnesty bill. When pressured to postpone the elections they cite the law as fixed, when the courts deem otherwise, they ignore the advice. Finally they get their election to affirm the ‘will of the people’ but it turns out the majority elected not to endorse any particular party. I repeat: the majority. If a court then rules that the election was flawed according to fair rules and doesn’t reflect the true intentions of the people in declaring a winner in this one-horse race, Pheu Thai won’t accept a new proper election but instead now expects the law of the UN to sympathise with them. Of course, Thaksin famously said ‘the UN is not my father’. 
Chiang Mai