Personality game

your say March 22, 2014 00:00

Re: "Cult of personality got us into this mess", Letters, March 21.

For once I found myself in some agreement with Somsak Pola. The cult of personality is prevalent when it comes to elections and it is indeed what got Thailand into this mess.
When Thai Rak Thai was formed it was based on persuading a group of popular sitting MPs to join them to win the 2000 election. Once in power, Thaksin invited all likeminded parties to join the coalition. After that the vote-catching TRT-brand “populist policies” took over. For the 2004 election many like-minded politicians switched to TRT.
Game, set and match Thaksin, although he did lose one set in 2006. No umpires required in future, they spoil the game.
Richard Bowler