People power will ensure a bright future for Thailand

your say February 11, 2014 00:00

Re: "We aren't becoming ungovernable; we are becoming enlightened", Opinion, February 6.

Every revolution, every uprising needs a leader. On November 8 the enlightened people of Thailand acknowledged their leader at the Democracy Monument. 
His name is Suthep Thaugsuban.
For three months the courage of this man has inspired an increasing mass of supporters from across the country. 
His patriotism and dedication to the interests of the country have led millions of Thais to try and eradicate the top-down, plutocratic government. 
The Yingluck government’s self-serving amnesty bill pulled people into a cohesive, anti-government force. 
The people’s time had come. It is the power of the people that has brought the government to its knees by exposing its self-serving incompetence and sheer inability to govern the country.
This is the reason “we are getting enlightened”. This “people power” is why the banks refused to lend money to a bankrupt government. 
The staff at Krungthai Bank said no with their feet, inspired by the efforts of the PDRC, and their customers threatened to withdraw their money. The directors had no choice but to refuse the loan. 
Similarly encouraged and inspired, thousands within the bureaucracy have found the courage to ignore the government and their superiors.
Thailand, as a result of the vision, courage and commitment of Suthep, his core leaders and the millions of enlightened Thais, can look forward to a bright future. 
Never again will this country fall prey to dictatorship, totalitarianism and destructive plutocracy, supported by criminal behaviour, from which it has suffered for over a decade. 
Constitutionally the Yingluck government no longer exists and is powerless now. Once reformed, Thailand will becoming governable at last, but this time from the bottom up, by the people.
J C Wilcox