Pearls of wisdom, UDD-style

your say March 25, 2014 00:00

Following the red shirt rally in Pattaya on March 22, we were told by an ardent supporter that many followers started to leave at 9.30pm because they thought they were not going to be paid.

Our informant proudly said she was a faithful supporter and was paid Bt1,000 because she stayed until 2am and her ID card was returned to her. It seems that the condition for being paid attendance money was depositing one’s ID card with the organisers.
We were assured that she understood Thai politics because she had followed them since she was young, stating the reason for Thailand being a backward country was due to its lack of a high-speed train. Clearly the message here refers to the findings of the Constitutional Court against the Bt2-trillion loan, 50 per cent of which was claimed to be for the train. It was therefore the fault of the court that Thailand was not 
developing. The current regime obviously had nothing to do with the state of the country.
At the same rally, Jatuporn Prompan made it abundantly clear that an interim prime minister would be unacceptable were Yingluck Shinawatra to leave office, and that all future prime ministers must be selected from the Shinawatra family. This is a man who claims to fight for democracy against dictatorship.
All the above came “straight from the horse’s mouth”.
J C Wilcox