Patriotic vitality

your say June 24, 2014 00:00

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The English football team once again failed miserably in the World Cup. They seemed to lack motivation: there was no fire in their bellies. They were not driven by pride in representing their country. In short, there was little sign of the patriotism one

Behind every situation there is always a fundamental cause. Patriotism is vital for the health of a nation. It is born of pride in one’s country, but there must be reason for this emotion.
In a country where political correctness is an obsession, where human rights are a paramount concern and welfare dependency overburdens the economy, national morale will be low. When priority is given to penniless immigrants and when multiculturalism threatens the culture of the indigenous people to the extent that the very nature of the country becomes submerged, then national morale will further suffer. When health and safety rules are so bureaucratically inspired as to become nonsensical, then producers will be handicapped. The policy of previous socialist governments championed losers rather than winners. It was not considered socially acceptable to win, because the unsuccessful suffered indignity. This is England, which is losing its very identity as a democracy and a sovereign state due to its membership of the dominating European Union.
There is little of which one can be proud in a nation in decline, which knew such greatness and patriotism. England’s woeful failure in Brazil is an understandable symptom of a lack of patriotic vitality.
JC Wilcox