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PDRC must not be trusted

Re: "To reform or not to reform, before or after the election - that is the question", Opinion, December 28

Pornpimol Kanchanalak writes: "She [Yingluck] and her coalition must be held answerable because it was them who knowingly and earnestly broke the rule of law and forsook the principle of democracy. They unanimously and unilaterally rejected the ruling of the Constitutional Court - a legal and legitimate entity under the Constitution."

So, yet again, the same old nonsense - that it is "illegal to disagree with a court ruling!"

It seems that it is okay to break the law as Suthep Thaugsuban does all the time - he doesn't disagree with laws, he just breaks them!

According to Pornpimol, disagreeing with a court decision means the government is illegal. But apparently what Suthep is doing is legitimate.

Is stopping the people from exercising their democratic right to vote commendable?

Quoting Thomas Paine, Pornpimol argues that the government is accountable to nobody, even though the whole point of democracy is that the government is always accountable to the people and, in Thailand, to various courts too.

Yet, the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) are proposing a "People's Council", which Suthep and his friends will set up, which will run the country for a year or two - during which time democracy will be "suspended".

So, who will this council be accountable to? The truth is no one - certainly not the people. Therefore, as Pornpimol asserts and Paine said they "... ought not to be trusted by anybody".

Meanwhile the Suthep Constitution would be written and implemented with no guarantees that the people will ever get to vote in a new government. Sutehp promises a "full democracy" but provides no definition of what it might entail and if the so-called "People's Council" will continue to govern or whether they will simply choose the next government for you.

So my question is, why is it named the "People's Council" when the people have no say in its membership, no say in its functions, no say in its actions and when this council is not accountable to the people?

Pranom Suko


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