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PDRC hijacked the people's voice

The PDRC wants what it has wanted from the start, said a TV reporter at the protest site said yesterday: no elections until a "fixed" democracy is in place.

My immediate reaction was, that's not true.

Surely it started off wanting to stop the amnesty bill and succeeded in forcing the government to listen to "the voice of the people". It was the voice of the people because everybody but the government seemed to be against the bill.

Then I realised that it was the people's success in forcing the government to withdraw the amnesty bill that actually created the PDRC. That is, the PDRC came later - as a result of the people's victory.

Suthep grabbed the credit for getting the government to drop the amnesty bill but it was a victory of "the people" (many of whom were red shirts furious at the idea of Suthep and Abhisit escaping justice for their part in the "murders" of scores of protesters).

Suthep managed to convince the gullible that it was his victory and that, together with "the people", he would go on to rid Thailand of the Thaksin clan and wipe out corruption.

Now, as I've pointed out, "the people" were "multicoloured", and not anti-government, just anti-amnesty bill.

Suthep's bluff paid off and everyone who had an axe to grind with the government jumped on his bandwagon. It quickly became obvious that in fact, Suthep had no plan and so, in effect, the PAD took over and the PDRC was created with, yes, their old plan of destroying democracy.

So now it becomes plain why the PDRC says it wants what it has wanted from the start: No elections until it has "fixed" democracy!

Pranorm Suko


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