PDRC believes it has the sole right to alter the Constitution

your say January 20, 2014 00:00

Ref: "Foreign media must try harder to understand", January 17.

Vint Chavala says foreign media are ignorant of the issues. He says the protesters want a fairer constitution, even though the current one was imposed by the military after the 2006 coup to prevent a repeat of the excesses that occurred under Thaksin’s 2001-06 government. And in the Constitutional Court ruling last November that rejected the government-proposed amendment, the court strongly warned against any future change to the current military-imposed charter.
He also accuses the government of rejecting the Constitutional Court’s ruling, yet they have never indicated that they would not abide by its decision. He and the PDRC seem to be angry that the government tried to change the charter, yet they are now advocating tearing it up themselves. 
He also claims that Yingluck and more than 200 of her MPs are currently facing criminal charges, yet they have not been charged with anything. 
After reading his letter the issue seems to be that the government is not permitted to breach or change the Constitution, but that the protesters are, yet he assures readers that they are not against democracy.
Simon Wood 
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia