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Over-dependence and overuse of pharmaceutical drugs

Re: "Health coverage makes Thailand attractive market for pharmaceuticals":

Thais are suckers when it comes to pharma drugs. If a Thai has a pimple or an achy elbow, he/she must immediately go to a clinic or hospital. All pills offered are taken, with the possible exception of antibiotics, which are thrown away - thereby poisoning the environment. Thais don't even know that they can refuse to take the pills they're given.

It's no secret that hospitals bring in handsome revenue by selling pills, so naturally, pill makers lobby doctors and pharmacists to buy their brand of drugs. Tylenol is particularly successful, as evidenced by it being prescribed with nearly every ailment. (Those of us who have compared Tylenol with other aspirin-like drugs, rate it low on the list).

Here's advice from a farang who doesn't mince words: Quit MSG, quit drinking fermented sugars, and lessen salt and sugar and foods cooked in oil. Do some real exercise, not just moving your arms around with super-loud disco pop - and you'll have better health.

Popping pills given by clinics and hospitals is not the way to improved health, and probably does more harm than good. Studies have shown this even for expensive US and European drugs, placebos work as well.

Pill makers love Thailand, because Thais are easily duped in to taking any pills given, without a second thought. I've got some snake oil that's will get rid of all your aches. You wanna bottle? Ordinarily Bt.2,500, but for you, because you're so special, if you buy a bottle right now, I'll give you a deal at Bt1,300.

Kip Keino

Ban Nam Lat

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