Outsiders but also heavy taxpayers

your say May 03, 2014 00:00

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I am not a fan of Eric Bahrt's letters, nor would I ever discuss politics with my employer, employees or a Thai citizen.

However, when Vint Chavala chastised Mr Bahrt with the view that foreigners are merely outsiders with no stake in Thailand, it was too much for me to take.
If we weren’t needed and if we didn’t have the proper qualifications and knowledge, we would never be granted a work permit.
I would like to remind Khun Vint that in other counties foreigners can get a residence visa after only a few years paying tax, whereas here it can take over two decades.
I was very proud of paying tax in my home country. I am not so proud paying the 35 per cent of my salary here. In my country the tax money is wisely spent for education, health, the environment and many other important issues. Here, the tax money is just wasted. 
I am very happy to live and work here, but if you need us and you receive tax money from us, we are not just outsiders.
If foreigners are no longer to be allowed to voice a view or opinion, then perhaps newspapers here should only publish letters from Thai citizens in the future.
Linus AE Knobel
Managing director, Bangkok Air Catering Co