Our sham democracy and lack of leadership

your say April 22, 2014 00:00

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The Chinese TV series "Tea House" is about the life of an ordinary Chinese teahouse owner trying to survive in the post-Ching Dynasty period.

At that time China was basically run by warlords, then witnessed the brutal Japanese invasion, then in-fighting between Chiang-Kai-shek and Mao Tse Tung. All claimed their actions were geared towards the future well-being of China. Meanwhile, the  ordinary citizens suffered. Most understood little about politics, too preoccupied with putting enough food on the table to feed their families. 
What woke the “Chinese dragon” from its feudal slumber were the actions of Deng Xiaoping. Meanwhile, Thailand has been suffering a vicious cycle of political mismanagement and massive corruption for years. The nation has, as yet, had no political leader who has worked for the best interests of the country. And it is “democracy”, under the pretext of elections, that put our nation in this state. 
It’s legitimate to wonder whether democracy, or at least the West’s version, is really suitable for less-developed countries like Thailand where so many remain poor and less well-informed and are thus prey to political lies and patronage. 
Anti-government protesters have been demonstrating for months, but the Yingluck government shows no sign of budging. Hopefully, either the Constitutional Court or the Anti-Corruption Committee will put her away. But even with Yingluck gone political reform undertaken, don’t expect any progress if most of the electorate can be still be “bought” by politicians. 
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